Getting To Know

Bill Drayer

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bill

Director of First Impressions
Stacey Warner
    1. Bill has been married to his sweetheart, Marybeth, for 26 years. His first passion in life is spending time with her. He also loves seeing the success and happiness of his 10 children and 18 grandchildren. This is a case of “Yours, Mine and Ours”, but Bill doesn’t let that get in the way of his love and support for all of them.
    2. Bill’s second passion in life is his dream of one day beating his son-in-law Jammie on the golf course. Even though there is a 27-year age gap, Bill has always believed that on any given day a good team or person can be beaten. Bill has always looked up to Jammie, and not only because Jammie is six-foot-four and Bill is only six feet tall.
    1. Bill’s dream job is doing what he’s doing right now, it just took him a few decades to figure that out. As the Director of First Impressions, he always has a smile on his face and a positive attitude. He does what he does best because of the tough times that made him stronger and gave him the willpower to eagerly learn the skills that he has. He learned that having a positive outlook on life makes any situation easier to get through. He loves meeting new people and enjoys the art of putting deals and people together.
    2. Bill’s guilty pleasure is watching John Wayne Westerns in his home theater when he finds time to slow down. He carries the motto with him from “The Duke” himself who said “We’re burnin daylight!”
    3. Bill’s hidden talents may still be hidden; however, he does love to oil paint. Some have called him “The Bob Ross of Cornerstone”
    4. One of Bill’s biggest heroes in life was his grandfather who owned several car dealerships. Bill learned sales and people skills from him that would help him throughout his life and career. He learned that every sale has a person attached to it and not just a number. Bill has used this to help change lives instead of merely making a sale.
    5. Bill’s first “real job” was selling shoes at the age of 14 in a small shoe store in Ohio. His grandmother was always his best customer. Every week she would come in just to buy a pair of shoes from Bill. After that, Bill did everything he could think of to earn money and became quite the young entrepreneur. Bill worked on everything from paper routes to shoveling snow. Bill even washed and waxed cars and painted fences to earn extra money.
    6. In the 70’s Bill studied martial arts for two years under a Grandmaster and worked at it five days a week. “Wax on, Wax Off!”
    7. When Bill was growing up, he dreamt of playing Major League Baseball. At age 12 his passion changed to golf and he put all of his effort into that sport. Bill would earn enough money in the wintertime to pay for his membership at a golf course near where he grew up in Ohio. He would get up early in the morning, get his work done, and be on the golf course every day during the summer with his buddies playing until they couldn’t see the ball anymore. Bill loved to hang out by the creek on the second fairway and collect the balls that were hit short and sell them back to the golfers at two for a nickel or three for a dime!
    8. Bill has always loved magic. He worked with his best friend Rick Thomas on the Las Vegas strip for nearly 15 years. His job was meeting and greeting people, as well as promoting Rick’s shows at the Tropicana, Sahara, Desert Inn and Planet Hollywood hotels in Las Vegas, as well as promoting a show throughout the country in Branson, Missouri, parts of California and parts of New York. During this time, Rick cared for 3 Bengal and 3 Siberian tigers that he trained to perform in the show. Bill will never forget the rule of thumb for the tigers was that they eat Beef, Turkey, Chicken and the slowest running person.

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