4 Essential Items to Pack on Your Trip This Summer

If you’re traveling this summer, there are certain staples you can bring wherever you go. When packing for a trip, everyone immediately thinks of underwear and a toothbrush, but there are other essentials that don’t come to mind as easily. And even if you forgot those two things, you can buy a new toothbrush or [...]

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4 Fun and Affordable Retirement Activities

Entering retirement can mean a dramatic shift in lifestyle, but luckily there is plenty of time for new or old hobbies. Remember, you’re not just retiring from something, you’re retiring to something. The “what” is up to you, and there are many options other than expensive hobbies. Here are four fun and affordable retirement activities. [...]

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The Pursuit of Freedom and Happiness in Retirement

Happy 244th birthday, America! The holiday is enough reason to celebrate, but after months of quarantine, seeing loved ones and spending time outside in the warm weather is even more reason to celebrate. One of the best things about retirement is freedom – you can choose what to do with your time and where you’ll [...]

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What to Know Before Returning to Normal

The good news is that you survived the worst of the coronavirus pandemic, and the bad news is that it’s not quite over yet. For those who are returning to the workplace, restaurants, and socializing again, it’s an exciting time – but also a time that requires caution. Americans age 50 and older are considered [...]

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Forget the Bucket List And Make a Chuck-It List

Successful people are ambitious and disciplined: They set big goals and focus on achieving them over the course of a long career or a lifetime. Many people also have high-flying goals for their personal life– run a marathon, hike Mt. Everest, etc. And, they retirees assume that they’ll cross off many of them off their [...]

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3 Tips for Staying Put in Retirement

It’s easy to fall into the trap of following a script when it comes to retirement, especially if you’re unsure of how to create your own plan. This “script” can dictate a retirement age, lifestyle, and even important financial decisions. For example, many people assume that they should downsize in retirement or even move to [...]

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4 Valentine’s Day Tips

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether this is your first with your significant other or your 50th, there are always new ways to celebrate. Although Americans will spend about $27.4 billion this Valentine’s Day[1], there’s no reason why a great Valentine’s Day activity can’t be free. Here are 4 Valentine’s Day Tips for you this year. Celebrate [...]

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3 Things to Remember When Making a New Year’s Resolution

Everyone makes them, and few keep them. New Year’s resolutions can be a great way to trade in bad habits for good ones but can also feel more like a burden than a blessing. Some people take on too grand a goal to realistically keep up with through the year. Others may struggle to think [...]

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4 Predictions About 2020 that Didn’t Come True

Not only are we entering a new year, but a new decade! You might have a lot to look forward to in the coming decade: Maybe your children will graduate from college, maybe you’ll become a grandparent, and maybe you’ll retire. We’ll also probably see some significant technological advancements and interesting global developments, but no [...]

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What to Consider Before Signing Up for a Group Travel Tour

Are you planning to travel in 2020? There are many upsides to going on a group tour: Travel arrangements and accommodations are figured out for you, and it’s much harder to get lost when you’re with a group. However, there are also downsides if you’re beholden to a pre-set itinerary. Here are 4 things to [...]

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