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After years of radio, the Cornerstone Vegas team is joining the podcasting world. Before we get rolling on financial planning conversations, we want to introduce everyone to our business, our history, and our goals for the show.


On This Episode:

You might have heard Cornerstone Wealth Management on the radio around Las Vegas in past years, but now we want to introduce to our next endeavor: podcasting.

The team at Cornerstone wanted to launch a new show to provide listeners and clients with an outlet to learn more about all types of financial planning topics. And better yet, we wanted to make that information available to you to consume on your own schedule. That’s the beauty of a podcast and one of the reasons we wanted to start this project.

We’ll tell you more about the show and our goals for future episodes, which will roll out twice per month after our initial launch. Managing Partner and Co-Founder Jammie Avila will host each show but we’ll be joined by a variety of people on our team from week to week. That includes this debut episode, which features Kyle Kirwan. He’s another one of our co-founders and he’ll share a lot about how the company was formed, how it’s changed over the past decade, and what separates us from other businesses.

Another thing we enjoyed sharing during this show is what we love so much about living in Las Vegas. It’s a special place but it’s more than just a tourist destination. It’s a home for us and so many other great people and we’ve learned that during difficult times in recent years.

All of us had our own prior practices, individual practices that we had up until that point because each of us had been in the business over 20 years. But we all wanted something a little bit more.

-Jammie Avila


0:42 – COVID has been a challenging from a work standpoint as we shift to virtual.

1:36 – How the company started in 2009.

3:25 – The relationship we’ve created with clients is personal.

4:42 – Why did we go into this profession?

6:44 – Our goal is transformation rather than transaction.

7:48 – How much the business has changed over 11 years.

8:37 – Why we’re doing the podcast.

9:54 – Why we created the Cornerstone Retirement Blueprint and what it is.

11:56 – What we love about living in Vegas.

15:00 – There’s a huge retirement community here in Vegas.

16:48 – What we want listeners to get out of the show.

18:27 – Here’s how you can connect with us.

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The Cornerstone Retirement Blueprint Process Explained - The 5 Key Pillars Of Retirement Planning


Jammie Avila

Jammie is the host of the Cornerstone Retirement Blueprint Podcast. Before launching the podcast, Jammie created and co-hosted the longest-running local Las Vegas financial news show on AM radio for five years. He’s the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Cornerstone Wealth Management. He and his wife, Danielle, have been married for more than 20 years and have four children: Jace, Alexis, Mya and Ashton.

Check out this article to get to know Jammie some more.


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