Getting To Know

Kyle Kirwan

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kyle

Partner/Co-Founder, Investment Advisor Representative and Insurance Professional
Daniel Mann
  1. Kyle was married at the age of 21, has two amazing kids, and his wife, Amanda, is still his putting up with him.
  2. Kyle is an avid pickleball player from his years of playing tennis in high school. Now he can be found on his backyard pickleball court when he’s not seeing his clients.
  3. Kyle’s grandma passed away at the age of 99, and he wants to be the first centurion in his family.
  4. Kyle loves hitting home runs in his softball league — no matter how rarely they happen.
  5. Kyle’s father-in-law always tells the same joke: “I gave Kyle two things, my daughter and my money, and I haven’t asked for either one back — yet!”
  6. Kyle moved to Henderson in 1982, was raised by a police officer and survived the 1988 PEPCON blast (Google YouTube/PEPCON explosion to learn more about the disaster).
  7. Kyle met Jammie and Dan in 2009, and they did their first educational workshop that year.
  8. At the age of 22, Kyle worked for Hartford as an independent life agent where he discovered his love of providing solutions to the families he served.
  9. Kyle’s daughter, Courtney, worked at the Cornerstone office throughout college and is now becoming a teacher for the Clark County School District.
  10. Kyle and Jammie share a Class C motorhome. You can’t miss it on the road because there is a big picture of them on the back of the RV that shows them in the radio room recording their show.

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