{What is a 401(k) rollover?|{Understanding 401(k) Rollover|Cornerstone Wealth Management 401(k) Insight|401(k) {Investment Management|& Tax Advantaged Investments|Rollover Options}} in , }

{{When|If} you {find a new job|{leave|quit} your {job|position}}, {you can {bring|take} the {savings|money} {sitting|currently} in your {own|{company|employer}-sponsored} 401(k) with you and {{request|perform} a rollover|roll it over}|the {savings|funds|money} in your 401(k) can {come|leave|travel} with you} to an individual retirement account, or IRA.|A 401(k) rollover is the {transfer of 401(k) savings into|{practice|procedure|process} of moving savings from a 401(k) account to} an individual retirement account, or IRA.} {An {individual retirement account|IRA} is {tax {free|deferred} account {created|designed} to {save money faster|help you save}|{tax deferred|untaxed} so {it|you} can grow} for {|your }retirement and {bring you|get|open opportunities for} {additional|other} {investments|tax advantages}.|When you {roll over your 401(k)|{choose|opt for} a 401(k) to IRA rollover}, {the money from your account is|you put your money in an account} {tax deferred|safe from taxation} and {ideal|designated|perfect} for {savings and investments during retirement|retirement savings or other investments}.}

{Depending on {how you want to {invest|use}|what you want to do with} your money, {there are|you have} several {ways to treat|{choices|options} for} a 401(k) rollover in , . The most {popular|common} {ways to conduct|{kinds|types} of} 401(k) rollovers are:|Investors {around|in|near|throughout} , can use their 401(k) rollovers in different ways, including:}

  • {401(k) to traditional|Traditional} IRA: {{A traditional IRA|This} {allows|lets} you to {hold onto|keep} your {savings|money} {without taxes|tax-deferred} and {sometimes offers|can possibly offer} {better|more|helpful} {low-fee investment options|investment options with lower fees}.|{Traditional IRAs keep|A traditional IRA keeps} your money {from taxes|untaxed} {to {increase|grow} for retirement|for savings and} {|future }investments {without high|for lower} fees until you {can borrow from the account|decide to withdraw from it|need the money} {when you retire|in retirement}.}
  • {|401(k) to }Roth IRA: {{If {you’re interested in|you want} {investing|more investment options}, {a Roth IRA|this} is {the way to go|a good choice}|{Roth IRAs give|This gives} you {better|access to more} investment options}, but {they {will be|are} taxed {for|on} the {amount of money you {moved|rolled} from the 401(k)|rolled amount}|you will {be taxed|{need|have} to pay taxes} on the {amount you rolled over|rolled amount}} because {the process is|it’s} {considered similar to|treated like} a Roth conversion.|{This account|A Roth IRA} {only taxes you {for|on} the {money|amount} you {move|roll over} and|allows your money to grow tax-free, but} is {powered by|funded with} after-tax dollars. {Which|This} means {it will be tax free|it won’t be taxed}, {when|even after} you {dip into|withdraw} it {as a retiree|in retirement}.}
  • {Old 401(k) to 401(k) with a|Transfer your 401(k) to your} new employer: {{Many {folks|people} in , {would rather|prefer to} keep their|If you’d {rather|prefer to} keep your} {savings|401(k)|money} in {a single|one} {place|account}, {transferring your funds|this} {is likely|might be} the {ideal|best} {option|plan|choice} for you. {Most employers {take|permit} rollovers and {green-light|allow}|This is {ideal|smart|best} if your employer’s plan {is compatible with|permits} rollovers and allows} low-cost investment alternatives.|{Though|While} you {are able to|can} cash out your {401(k) as a lump sum|old 401(k)} {if|when} you {take a new|leave your} {job|position}, {we don’t always recommend this|this isn’t advisable} because it {may deplete|can hurt|drains} your retirement savings. {Rather|Instead}, {many|most} {|plans with }new employers will {let|allow} you to {blend|combine} your {previous|old} 401(k) with {your new account|the account from your new job|their own if it is compatible}.}

{If you {get|find yourself in} a {job|position} that {is compatible with rollover for|{enables|allows you to} rollover} your 401(k), {choose|rely|depend} on {advice from|the {insight|expertise} of} Cornerstone Wealth Management.|Cornerstone Wealth Management {will|can} {{explain|show you} your options and how to {pick|select|choose} {the best course|what’s best for}|{guide you through the process of choosing|help you understand and choose} the {perfect|best} {course|option} for} your 401(k).} {Our {team of specialists|expert team} {spend time with you to|will sit down with you and} {decide|evaluate|determine} {which|what} 401(k) rollover {path|option} is {perfect|the best} for {your financial goals|you and your financial situation}.|Our {staff|team} {works up close and personally|works closely and personally} with our {customers|clients} in , to {assist them|ensure they} {in their financial and future planning|make the best choice for their finances and future}.}

{How Do I Rollover a 401(k) to an IRA?|Get Started on your 401(k) Rollover}

{{Though|While} {{planning|working with} your finances|this} {might|may|can} {feel|seem} {impossible|difficult|like a daunting or confusing task}, don’t {worry|fear|fret}.|{Rolling over|Handling} your 401(k) {can|might|may} {feel|seem} {overwhelming|out of your expertise|like a daunting chore}, don’t {panic|worry|be afraid}.} {Our {knowledgeable|highly qualified|gifted} {professionals|specialists|experts} will {step you|guide you step by step} through the {practice|process}.|With our {team of|trained} {specialists|professionals} {serving you|on your side}, you’ll {finish your session with us having|leave our office with} a {deeper|new|better} {knowledge|understanding} of {IRAs and your 401(k)|investment management|tax implications with 401(k)s and IRAs}.} {We {{take care in|spend time} organizing|will {organize|take the time to organize}} {a|the right} plan that {suits your financial situation best|fits best with your financial situation}.|With {careful|personalized|close} attention and {valuable|helpful|quality} {insights|advice}, {the team of Cornerstone Wealth Management will|we’ll} {teach|show} you {the best methods for making|how to make} the {best out|most} of your {finances|investments|financial situation}.} {When you {team up|work|collaborate} with Cornerstone Wealth Management, you won’t be left {guessing|in the dark}.|Cornerstone Wealth Management {offers|believes in|provides} {upfront|honest}, {helpful|transparent} {insights|advice} for {complicated|complex} {subjects|topics} like IRAs and 401(k)s.}

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{{When|If} {your want to start {preparing|planning} for|you’re ready to secure} a {prosperous|stable} {retirement|future} {down the road|for you and your family|for your later years}, {call|connect with|contact} Cornerstone Wealth Management {now|today}.|{Begin|Start} {planning for|preparing} the {kind of life|future} you want {your family to have|for your family}, {speak with|talk} to Cornerstone Wealth Management.} {{Trust Cornerstone Wealth Management to|Let Cornerstone Wealth Management} {guide you|be your guide}.|{We are|We’re} {ready|available|more than equipped} to {take care of|help out with|tackle} any {issue|problem} you {may bring|bring to} us.|{Your retirement|Retirement} {could|may} be {approaching at any moment|around the corner} or feel {years|decades} away, {no matter the case, you shouldn’t be|but don’t get} caught {unready|unprepared}. Let {Cornerstone Wealth Management|us} {prepare|help you plan} for the best.}

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