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Asset protection is a lawful and transparent approach to protect your investments from any legal action that can be taken against you. An asset can be defined as investments, annuities, bonds, retirement plans, funds, holdings, possessions, properties or valuables that can be converted into cash. In Las Vegas, Cornerstone Wealth Management specializes in asset protection plans for you as an individual.


With asset protection, the biggest caveat is that a plan must be in place to protect your owning prior to legal action being taken against you. You can only safeguard your assets from claims by attorneys, ex-spouses, former business partners, and anyone else who is seeking a monetary settlement against you when a protection plan is intact fully and completely before there is any legal action at all. When looking into asset protection, you need a reliable wealth-management firm who understands the legal realms involved in this process. At Cornerstone Wealth Management, our professional advisors have the understanding and background in asset protection and financial planning needed to help secure your financial future.

Reliable Asset & Financial Protection Firm

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No two people have the same investment portfolio or goal for their finances, so there is no reason to utilize a wealth management firm who uses the same plan for every client. You need a firm that understands investment portfolios and assets are as individualized as their owners and use an individualized approach. Cornerstone Wealth Management utilizes an individualized method to asset protection and financial planning. We are a wealth management firm that will create an asset protection plan based on your singular needs. Our knowledge and specialized background for financial planning in Las Vegas allows us to customize a plan to secure your financial future and protects your assets.

At Cornerstone, you have a dedicated financial planning advisor who understands the value of reliable and useable investment advice for Nevada on your side. They will assess your assets and advise on the best possible way to protect what you own, and implement the plan agreed upon. The future is uncertain and knowing that your holdings are secured against legal claims or lawsuits will help you face that future with peace of mind.

Cornerstone’s Belief

Secure your property and investments now with an asset protection plan established by one of our financial strategists. At Cornerstone you are our number one priority. Our belief is straightforward; you deserve impartial, practical, useable information based on current market trends to help you plan for a financially stable future. In Las Vegas, NV, let our experts create an asset protection plan for you.

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