{{, |} Fiduciary{| Responsibility| Duty| Services}| {, |} Fiduciary{| Responsibility| Duty| Services}}

{What Does Fiduciary Mean|{What Does it Mean to be|What is|What’s} a Fiduciary}?

{A {collection|group} of people or {an individual|a {single |}person}|{{A {single |}person|An individual} or a {collection|group} of people}} can {trust|place their trust in|entrust} another {individual|person}, {who’s |}known as a fiduciary, {in order |}to {take care of|manage} their {assets|wealth|finances}. Your {belongings and money|money and belongings} are {safe|protected} and {well-|}cared for when they are {looked after by|in the hands of} a {financial|wealth} manager {at|from} Cornerstone Wealth Management. Your {financial {security|interests}|best interests} are always the {top|primary|main} consideration of a fiduciary, and {clients|you} can {rely on the fact|trust} that the {fiduciaries at Cornerstone Wealth Management|Cornerstone Wealth managers} will {not|never} breach fiduciary duty, but {they |}will always {stay|keep|remain} in line with their responsibilit{y|ies}.

{{What’s|What is} Fiduciary Responsibility|What Does Fiduciary Responsibility Mean}?

As it is {described|explained|defined} {|in the paragraph }above, a fiduciary {functions|acts|performs their duties} as {a party who’s accountable|an accountable party}, {maintaining|managing} the {wealth|finances|assets} of {a separate|another} {individual|person} or {collection|group} of people. A fiduciary responsibility is the {obligation|requirement} that {lies|rests|remains} with a fiduciary {who must|to} act in the best{| financial} interest of the {client|individual|person} who has {allowed|given} them {control|regulation} of their {assets|money|wealth}.

{{Our|Cornerstone Wealth Management’s} Fiduciary Services|{The Fiduciary Services|What} We Offer}

You can {anticipate|expect} the {following|subsequent} {thorough|comprehensive} fiduciary services {at|from} Cornerstone Wealth Management:

  • Co-trustee and trustee services
  • Methods to find success
  • Brokerage account oversight, periodic planning and regular reviews
  • Liaison between stockbrokers, attorneys, real estate agents CPAs and other professionals
  • Yearly or quarterly reports for client review
  • Management of real property, coordination of health care services and real estate acquisitions
  • Tips on investment

{Why {Hire|Choose} {an Expert|a Professional} {|, }|Why {Do You Need|What are the Benefits of} a Professional} Fiduciary?

  • {A professional fiduciary will {at no time|never} {place|put} your {assets|money|wealth} into financial jeopardy|Your {finances|wealth|assets|money} will never be {placed in|put into} jeopardy if you {employ|hire|use} a professional fiduciary}. They {understand|know} that you {could|may} {decide|choose} to {trust|entrust} your {wealth|money|finances} to {{another|a different} person|someone else} and {won’t|will not} {penalize|punish} you for {it|doing so}.
  • {There’s|There is} one{| collective} goal for our {group|team} of fiduciaries: to {manage|take care of|govern} your {wealth|money|finances} {effectively|efficiently|the best way possible}. Your {wealth|finances|money} {won’t ever|will never} be used for {outside interests|personal reasons} or loans when {it is|it’s} {run|managed} by {an expert|a professional}.
  • {Whatever|Regardless of what} your {individual|personal|own} {|financial }situation may dictate, a {|professional }fiduciary will {represent and serve|serve and represent} your {financial |}interests {as well as {possible|they can}|to the best of their ability}.
  • You can {feel|remain|be} confident that your {wealth is|{assets|finances} are} {safe|secure|protected} when you {hire|work with} a professional {because|since} {they’re|they are} {held to strict standards and regulated|regulated and held to strict standards}. Your {money|funds|assets} {will not|won’t} be {exploited|mishandled} because they {stick to|adhere to|observe|follow} {particular|specific} policies which {stop|prevent} it.
  • A professional fiduciary {has|will have} {complete|total|thorough|comprehensive} {understanding|knowledge} of the {regulations|laws} (both {state and federal|federal and state}) that govern their {practices|work}.
  • {Self-interest or greed|Greed or self-interest} {won’t ever|will never} {dictate decisions|be a decision-making factor} when you {hire|work with} a professional fiduciary.

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We {strive to |}make it our {goal|mission} to {provide our clients with|give our clients} a {{solid|stable} |}foundation for their lives; in the {ways|lifestyles} they {choose to live|live} {|along }with their investments. Our {relationships|{|client }connections} are {created|built|developed} on the {notion|idea} of a {long {term|time}|life-long} partnership {instead of|rather than} a transactional {relationship|encounter}.

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