, Fiduciary Duty

What Does it Mean to be a Fiduciary?

A group of people or an individual can entrust another person, known as a fiduciary, to manage their assets. Your money and belongings are protected and cared for when they are looked after by a wealth manager at Cornerstone Wealth Management. Your financial security are always the primary consideration of a fiduciary, and you can rely on the fact that the Cornerstone Wealth managers will never breach fiduciary duty, but will always remain in line with their responsibilities.

What Does Fiduciary Responsibility Mean?

As it is explained above, a fiduciary functions as a party who’s accountable, maintaining the finances of another person or group of people. A fiduciary responsibility is the obligation that remains with a fiduciary who must act in the best financial interest of the individual who has given them control of their wealth.

What We Offer

You can expect the subsequent comprehensive fiduciary services at Cornerstone Wealth Management:

  • Co-trustee and trustee services
  • Methods to find success
  • Brokerage account oversight, periodic planning and regular reviews
  • Liaison between stockbrokers, attorneys, real estate agents CPAs and other professionals
  • Yearly or quarterly reports for client review
  • Management of real property, coordination of health care services and real estate acquisitions
  • Tips on investment

Why What are the Benefits of a Professional Fiduciary?

  • Your finances will never be put into jeopardy if you employ a professional fiduciary. They understand that you could choose to entrust your wealth to someone else and won’t punish you for it.
  • There is one collective goal for our team of fiduciaries: to govern your wealth efficiently. Your money will never be used for outside interests or loans when it’s managed by a professional.
  • Whatever your personal financial situation may dictate, a professional fiduciary will serve and represent your interests as well as possible.
  • You can remain confident that your finances are protected when you hire a professional because they are held to strict standards and regulated. Your funds won’t be mishandled because they follow particular policies which stop it.
  • A professional fiduciary has comprehensive knowledge of the regulations (both state and federal) that govern their work.
  • Greed or self-interest will never dictate decisions when you hire a professional fiduciary.

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