Getting To Know

Stacey Warner

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Stacey

Director of Client Relations
Courtney Kirwan
  1. Stacey was born and raised in Utah and is the oldest of nine siblings.
  2. Stacey’s great-great-grandpa was an outlaw with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. He later changed his name and became a sheriff.
  3. Stacey plays the violin and piano. She was in the Youth Symphony Orchestra.
  4. Stacey had a dance scholarship, with the intentions of being a dance teacher.
  5. Stacey has four children and seven grandchildren. Her children are:
    1. Tyler, a Black Hawk pilot for the U.S. Army
    2. Steph, a junior high school biology teacher
    3. Lauren, who owns two Rent to Own Stores in Arizona
    4. Brendon, who recently returned from a two-year mission in Fiji
  6. Stacey lived in California for 30 years, moved to Vegas in July 2017 and purchased a home in July 2019.
  7. Stacey took online courses to obtain her Bachelor of Science while working full time, and she has one year toward an MBA. She feels education is important, and it shows because three of her children have bachelor’s degrees.
  8. Stacey worked for the University of California Office of the President, College Going Initiative & College Begins in Kindergarten.
  9. Stacey loves to attend Broadway shows. She has season tickets to the Smith Center of Performing Arts in Las Vegas.
  10. Stacey has run one marathon, two half-marathons and several 10K’s and 5K’s.

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